Buying and selling classic cars for profit

The classic car market has been hot for the past few years. Fuelled by an increase in both TV shows showing how to do up and flip classic cars, and events like the Silverstone classic and the Goodwood Revival. This has lead to a huge uplift in values from both ultra rare Ferraris to the … Read more

Inspecting a car you intend to flip

No matter who you buy from, always look over the car thoroughly checking everything listed below, if you are unsure of anything take it to a mechanic for an independent inspection. Following this simple system will help you avoid most common mistakes and with practice let you avoid them almost completely.   The Exterior Check the body for scratches, dents, … Read more

​The top 40 performance car flips [updated]

Flipping cars at the lower end of the market is always easier. But we can understand the appeal of dealing in more interesting cars. As always you will need to do lots of homework, and carryout a thorough inspection before buying, but there are definitely some good opportunities are out there to make a profit.​With that in mind and in no particular … Read more

How to value a car you plan to sell (with tips)

A very simple question that’s very hard to answer. Even dealers with decades of experience get car valuations wrong all the time. The trick is to get it right most of the time. Below I will guide you through the various processes available and the way to put a valuation on a car you want … Read more

Which cars should you buy to flip

Where exactly do you start and what should your first flip look like? This article will help narrow down you choices. The first mistake first time flippers make its to procrastinate of which car to buy. Most fear their first purchase so much they never make it. They think they have to buy the perfect car and take … Read more

How do I buy cars at trade money

If you have already read my simple fool proof strategy to making money selling cars. You will already know my preferred method. ​No other method works better. But below we will take a closer look at some tried and tested methods I have used over the years.  ​Remember finding stock is the most important part of the car flipping business. All of the money is made in … Read more

Car flipping business plan

Below you will find a foolproof car flipping business plan. Flipping cars is a fun and rewarding hobby and can become a full time job. You can start with as much or as little money as your feel comfortable with. I started with only a few thousand pounds and never looked back. I have tried lots of … Read more

How to sell personalised cherished and vanity plates

In the same way people like to personalise and modify cars. Many people like the idea of having a distinctive or personalised registration number. Plates are often also bought for birthday or Christmas presents. While some classic car owners simply want a shorter number more suitable to an older cars looks and character. The personalised … Read more