​How much do van flippers make?

Looking for a business with high paying potential? Selling vans is one way you can earn a big income, and you don’t even need qualifications. With many people keeping their day job and treating it as a hobby or additional income source. How much can you earn flipping vans? The vast majority of full time van flippers are averaging a … Read more

An expert step by step on selling a van or commercial vehicle

So you have someone coming to see a van. What now and how do you actually go about the sales process? Below you find a very simple sales process that works at every price point, with every potential purchaser. I have broken the process down in to 5 basic steps The Meet and Greet The Walk-Around The … Read more

​How to transfer ownership of a van or commercial vehicle in the UK

If you’ve sold a van, there are still a few things to do after you’ve hand over the keys. The new owner isn’t officially the vehicles owner until the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) have been informed. So how do you do that? All UK vehicles are issued a Vehicle Registration Certificate which is … Read more

How to make huge profits selling vans and commercial vehicles on social media

Using social media to sell vans and commercial vehicles can be as simple as photographing a van and putting it on Facebook for sale. But if you really want to succeed using social media you need to focus on building a brand and viewing sales as a byproduct of that process. ​Because of the smartphone, … Read more

How to photograph a van with a smartphone

As the internet and vans sales is such a visual experience this is an important skill to master. The good news is it’s never been easier or cheaper to achieve quality photos. You don’t need a fancy DSLR or premium compact camera, you can achieve amazing results with just your smart phone.  Equipment You can … Read more

How to sell vans and light commercial vehicles on facebook (with tips)

I have been selling vans on Facebook since 2010, and I still believe it’s the best place to sell and flip vans. Local facebook groups and Facebook Marketplace, represents a huge opportunity. Facebook is free to join and there are no fees for selling either.​So what are the best options and tips for selling vans on the … Read more

How to create an effective used van advert

Keep it simple Unlike a newspaper advert the internet allows you almost unlimited word count, but it still pays to keep the advert simple. Peoples online attention spans are short so you will only have seconds to grab their attention. Below you will find a simple template for writing a van advert and a step by step guide. … Read more

How to inspect a van or commercial vehicle you intend to flip

No matter who you buy from, always look over the van thoroughly checking everything listed below, if you are unsure of anything take it to a mechanic for an independent inspection. Following this simple system will help you avoid most common mistakes and with practice let you avoid them almost completely. The Exterior Check the body for scratches, dents, … Read more

How to value a van you plan to sell (with tips)

A very simple question that’s very hard to answer. Even dealers with decades of experience get van valuations wrong all the time. The trick is to get it right most of the time. Below I will guide you through the various processes available and the way to put a valuation on a van you want … Read more

Which vans should you buy to flip

Where exactly do you start and what should your first flip look like? This article will help narrow down you choices. The first mistake first time flippers make its to procrastinate of which van to buy. Most fear their first purchase so much they never make it. They think they have to buy the perfect van and take … Read more