Do I have to pay tax on the profits I make flipping vans?

If you are making a profit of over £1000 per annum flipping vans you will have to notify HMRC and pay tax on any profits. But if you make under £1000 HMRC have introduced a tax free allowance to cover “self-starters” with small, hobby-based businesses. So if you flip a van and make a profit … Read more

Is flipping vans and commercial vehicles illegal?

Flipping vans in the UK is not illegal and may people buy and sell vans as a side hustle or hobby. You don’t even need a licence to trade in vans at all in England and Wales, and it can be a great way to learn if selling vans full-time is the business for you. … Read more

How to succeed in van and commercial vehicle sales?

The motor trade can be a hard business to be in sometimes and a great many van sales executives and dealers never make it through their first few months or years. Some underestimate the effort and commitment needed to make it in the motor trade and often overestimate the income they can achieve. Sometimes people just get … Read more

Is buying and selling vans a good business?

Buying and selling vans is a good business. It has a high paying potential if you become a van dealer or trader and is one way you can earn a six-figure income, even if you don’t have a degree or higher education. I have been dealing in cars, vans and bikes for 23 years so … Read more

Do van dealers have to offer a warranty?

A van dealer does not have to offer a used van warranty in the Uk as it’s not a legal requirement. But you do still have rights under the consumer rights act. However most used van dealers will offer a warranty on vans older that 3 years, with typically cover periods ranging between one and … Read more

Can you make money buying and selling vans?

The short answer is yes you can you make money buying and selling vans. Whether you are thinking about a small operator flipping vans as a side hustle or a large dealer group. There is a lot of money to be made buying and selling vans and commercial vehicles. How much money can you make … Read more

What’s the average markup on a used van

The average mark up on a van or light commercial vehicles in the US is around $2500 and in the UK it is circa £1250. Both these figures are averages and the actually margin a dealer will have in a van can vary massively, and a used van or specialist dealer may work on a … Read more

Buying and selling vans and light commercial vehicles at auction for profit

Yes you can and lots of van flippers and dealers do this successfully. But there is a lot to learn if you are going to be successful. Below we cover everything you need to know to get you started buying and selling vans and light commercial vehicles at auction. How do commercial vehicles auctions work … Read more

What qualifications do you need to be a van or commercial vehicle salesman?

You don’t require any qualifications to become a van or commercial vehicle salesman or sales executive in the UK. Lots of managing directors, sales managers and used van dealers also have very few academic qualifications. You will however need a willingness to learn on the job and exceptional people skills are a requirement if you … Read more