When is the best time to buy a motorcycle?

The best time to buy a new or used motorcycle in towards the end of, March, June, September or December. The reason for this is that dealers will have quarterly or yearly targets to meet.  Hitting these targets can be worth thousands to franchised dealers in both manufacturers and finance commission bonuses. The sales managers, … Read more

Do you have to have licence to buy and sell motorcycles in the UK

You don’t need a licence to trade in motorcycles at all in England and Wales. You do however require a licence to deal in motorcycles in Scotland, you can apply for a temporary or full licence via your local authority and fees do apply. It is commonly held belief that you require a licence to … Read more

Expert advice on motorcycle photography

As the internet and motorcycle sales is such a visual experience this is an important skill to master. The good news is it’s never been easier or cheaper to achieve quality photos. You don’t need a fancy DSLR or premium compact camera, you can achieve amazing results with just your smart phone. Equipment You can … Read more

Investing in classic motorcycles

Should you buy and hold a classic motorcycle or flip it for a quick profit? The question of whether flipping or buying and holding a classic is the best strategy for investing in property doesn’t have one correct answer. Instead, choosing one method over the other should be part of a clear strategic plan that considers your overall … Read more

How to make money selling motorcycles as a side hustle (with tips)

In the UK biker trade, dealers come in all shapes and sizes. From large franchised and used dealer groups to the one man band flipping bikes on social media. These groups or individuals focus on retailing motorcycles to the general public. But there is another often overlooked way of dealing in bikes which can work … Read more

Expert tips for selling motorcycles for massive profits

Theres lots to think about when you are selling motorcycles and sometimes you just need so guidance to get your bike sold. Selling your motorcycle can be surprisingly time-consuming and emotionally challenging sometimes, especially if you’ve never done it before. At times it may feel like an invasion of privacy because strangers will come to … Read more

Importing a motorcycle to the UK – customs, VAT & import duty documentation

mporting a car to the UK requires completion of various customs, VAT and import duty documentation. These can range from a simple form to a cars needing a ‘passport'(ATA Carnet), to the need to pay a big VAT tax bill on an imported modern classics. Brexit has also added another layer of complication and is … Read more

Do dealers have to offer a warranty on a motorcycle?

A motorcycle dealer does not have to offer a used motorcycle warranty in the Uk as it’s not a legal requirement. But you do still have rights under the consumer rights act. However most used motorcycle dealers will offer a warranty on bike older that 3 years, with typically cover periods ranging between one and … Read more

What to do if your used motorcycle isn’t selling

So you have take the time and put in the effort to find the right motorcycle to flip. Spent hours detailing it to perfection. Taken some great photos and written a carefully worded advert. You are excited and happy with the results so you post the car on Facebook and a busy local classified website. … Read more

What is the safest way to pay for a motorcycle?

Paying via bank transfer or debit card directly to the sellers bank account at the time of the handover is the safest way to make payment for a motorcycle. Can I pay for a motorcycle using cash? In some cases you can but its less common theses days. Most private sellers, dealers and franchised garages … Read more