How to sell motorcycle on facebook (with tips)

How to sell motorcycle on facebook (with tips). I have been selling motorcycles on Facebook since 2010, and I still believe it’s the best place to sell and flip bikes. Local facebook groups and Facebook Marketplace, represents a huge opportunity. Facebook is free to join and there are no fees for selling either.​So what are the best options … Read more

How to start a used motorcycle business from home

How to start a used motorcycle business from home. Buying and selling motorcycle is a good business and it has a six-figure paying potential if you become a full-time motorcycle dealer or trader. But you can also make a great living or additional income selling motorcycle from home. All you need to get started is … Read more

How to flip Motorcycles: A complete business plan

Below you will find a foolproof bike flipping business plan. Flipping motorcycles is a fun and rewarding hobby that could become a full time job. You can start with as much or as little money as your feel comfortable with. I started with only a few hundred pounds and never looked back. I have tried lots of … Read more

Flipping motorcycles: The pros and cons with tips

It is important for any investor to be well aware the pros and cons of flipping motorcycles before deciding whether or not it’s a business they want to pursue. Dealing in motorcycles is relatively low a risk endeavour as investments go, and the rewards can be great if everything goes according to plan. Before deciding … Read more

What’s the average profit in a used motorcycle?

What’s the average profit in a used motorcycle? The average mark up on a motorcycle, in the US is around $1000 and in the UK it is circa £1000. Both these figures are averages and the actually margin a dealer will have in a motorcycle can vary massively, and a used motorcycle or specialist dealer … Read more

Do I have to pay tax on the profits I make flipping motorcycles?

If you are making a profit of over £1000 per annum flipping motorcycles you will have to notify HMRC and pay tax on any profits. But if you make under £1000 HMRC have introduced a tax free allowance to cover “self-starters” with small, hobby-based businesses. So if you flip a motorcycle and make a profit … Read more

Is flipping motorcycles illegal in the UK?

Is fliIs flipping motorcycles illegal in the UK? Flipping motorcycles in the UK is not illegal and may people buy and sell bikes or motorcycles as a side hustle or hobby. You don’t even need a licence to trade in motorcycles at all in England and Wales, and it can be a great way to … Read more