Avoid these 10 mistakes when flipping motorcycles

There are lots of things that you should do when it comes to buying a motorcycle. But you also need to know what mistakes to avoid. Below you will find a list of the common mistakes you should avoid. 1. Overpricing a motorcycles This is the most common mistake made when selling a motorcycle. You … Read more

Can you buy and sell vans and commercial vehicles from home?

Yes you can buy and sell vans and commercial vehicles from home. Selling vehicles from home maybe the optimal business model for most used dealers and vans flippers as it has many advantages. In fact many small and medium sized dealers have sold their forecourts and garages in recent years to start trading from home.  … Read more

How to sell vans and light commercials on Gumtree for a profit

You can use Gumtree for both selling and sourcing vans and light commercial vehicles. ​In a similar way to Craigslist you’ll find a lot of vehicles that just aren’t worth going to see, but you’ll also find some hidden gems with van flipping potential. ​You just need to search for vans that have been underpriced, poorly presented, or misdescribed. These vans can then be … Read more

Van and commercial vehicle valeting a step by step guide

Prepping the vehicle for resale is really important, if done correctly it gives you the edge over your competition and adds thousands to the value. Either way if the car looks great it’s doing half the job for you. Valeting vs detailing  Your aim here should be to get the van in a presentable condition as … Read more

How much money do you need to start flipping vans and light commercial vehicles?

To get started flipping vans all you need is the money to buy you first van. You can then reinvest the same money once that van is sold. You then repeat the same process as many times as you like whilst taking a profit on each deal, with the initial money from the first van … Read more

Essential pieces of van valeting equipment [with links]

You may be surprised by some of the essential on the list. But you may also noticed some supposedly essential bits of cleaning equipment missing. The most obvious being a pressure cleaner. While they are great for blasting mud from the arches, they are mostly useless for actually cleaning a vehicles paint surface. ​The same … Read more

What is the safest way to pay for a van?

Paying via bank transfer or debit card directly to the sellers bank account at the time of the handover is the safest way to make payment for a van. Can I pay for a van using cash? In some cases you can but its less common theses days. Most private sellers, dealers and franchised garages … Read more

Do van dealers care if you pay cash?

Most used car and franchised dealers don’t care if you pay cash for a van. Dealers will be all to happy to take payment via a debit card in almost every situation. But lots of dealers will have limits the actual amount of physical cash they will except. This amount will vary from dealer to … Read more

When is the best time to buy a new or used van?

The best time to buy a new or used van or light commercial vehicle in towards the end of, March, June, September or December. The reason for this is that dealers will have quarterly or yearly targets to meet.  Hitting these targets can be worth hundreds of thousands to franchised dealers in both manufacturers and … Read more

​How much do van flippers make?

Looking for a business with high paying potential? Selling vans is one way you can earn a big income, and you don’t even need qualifications. With many people keeping their day job and treating it as a hobby or additional income source. How much can you earn flipping vans? The vast majority of full time van flippers are averaging a … Read more