Car valeting a step by step guide [with expert advice]

Prepping the car for resale is really important if you are flipping cars for a profit, but it can also be worth doing if you are considering part exchanging a vehicle at a garage, and if done correctly it gives you the edge over your competition and adds thousands to the value of a vehicle. So … Read more

Expert car headlight restoration tips

We’ve all seen cars that aren’t that old but have headlights that are cloudy and yellow. It can make a car look much older than it really is and have a massive effect on the value of a car, plus it can also be a safety issue when driving at night. The problem is caused mostly because … Read more

How to machine polish a car

Machine polishing a car can add thousands to its value. ​Easily removing scratches and swirl marks from old or mistreated paintwork. They can also be used to restore a cars dulled and faded paint. How to machine polish a car: Making sure the car has been thoroughly washed and dried. Attach a foam pad centrally to the machine polisher. Dot a small amount … Read more

28 Essential pieces of car valeting equipment [with links]

You may be surprised by some of the essential on the list. But you may also noticed some supposedly essential bits of cleaning equipment missing. The most obvious being a pressure cleaner. While they are great for blasting mud from the arches, they are mostly useless for actually cleaning a cars paint surface. ​The same … Read more