How to sell vans on Facebook Marketplace

How to sell vans on Facebook Marketplace. I have been selling vans on Facebook since 2010, and I still believe it’s the best place to sell and flip vans. Local facebook groups and Facebook Marketplace, represents a huge opportunity. Facebook is free to join and there are no fees for selling either.

So what are the best options and tips for selling vans on the worlds biggest and most powerful social media site, and why is it such a good opportunity?

Find out below.

Facebook Marketplace 

Basically Facebooks own classified ads service, it’s built to challenge the likes of eBayGumtree and Autotrader. It allows sellers to list vans by location and category and posting is free. Users can then search for items by location and category.

It’s available via desktop or the facebook apps. The apps allow you to manage messages and enquires via the apps, so everything happens in one convenient place.

Facebook buy and sell groups

Facebooks buy and sell groups are a massive opportunity for van flippers, and work really well in conjunction with Facebook Marketplace. They are one of the best ways to sell a van at the lower end of the market. Members join to received notifications when a van goes for sale in the local area, so are normally motivated and looking to buy. There is no limit to the number of groups you can be a members of, so its best to join as many as possible in your area.

Most areas have specialised groups focusing solely on vans, with some having tens of thousands of members that you can advertise to directly. You can find and join these groups by simply searching your local area or postcode on Facebook. Joining is easy, but before posting to a group, read the groups rules first. These can vary from group to group.

These groups enable you to put your van right in front of potential buyers and it’s very easy to manage. ​So if you aren’t taking advantage of buy and sell groups you are missing out. If your local area hasn’t got a dedicated van selling group, then you should consider starting one.

Specialised van groups 

If you have bought something a little different to sell. You may fine looking for a group specialising in that particular make and model a good idea. This allows you to put the van directly in front of a potential audience. You may have to wait longer and sell nationally but, some of the people looking for vans in these groups are prepared to pay a premium for the right vans. 

Posting to Facebook Marketplace and groups

Posting to Facebook can be done via desktop or the Facebook app, and is super simple. You can post simultaneously to marketplace and buying and selling groups. Simply start by posting the van to the marketplace and Facebook automatically asks if you want to also add the advert to the groups you are a member of. All the vans you have listed across all the groups can then be managed in app. Once a van is sold you just mark it as so and it’s removed from all the listings, notifying anyone who has enquired that the item is now sold.

Facebook Marketplace and groups guide you through the posting process. But it’s still important to list all the relevant information regarding the spec and options. Make sure to include the following facts in order:

  • Year of registration & registration plate info
  • List of equipment and special features
  • Approximate mileage
  • Full service history if it has it
  • Number of owners if low
  • Price
  • Contact details if you want to be contacted directly.

Great photos are also important on Facebook. They don’t need to look super professional but you do need to photograph the correctly. Check out my advice on how to photograph a car with a Smartphone here – How to photograph a van with a smartphone.

Handling enquires

Facebook Marketplace and groups both work a little differently. Potential buyers will contact you directly from the listing in Marketplace, they also have the option to make you an offer. When selling in a group people normally express interest by commenting on the post first, the conversation then normally moves to direct messaging. 

​How you handle the enquires is up to you. But I normally work on a first come first serve basis. If someone want to come a view the van I will normally hold it for them until the next day. Its alway best to set a time limit so you can move on to the next interested party. But every transaction works differently. Just let the other interested parties know you will keep them updated.

Haggling is a big thing on facebook. So it’s important you allow a little movement in the price. But if the post has had lots of comments or likes you can use this to your advantage and get the full asking price. 


I have based a whole business around selling vans on Facebook, I also know lots of other people that make money sell other goods using the platform. The site is dead simple to use and handling the enquires is a doddle. If you put in a bit of effort it can be really successful and is a great van selling opportunity.

But if you find its not for you I maybe you should consider Gumtree, is a bit of a sleeper in the van flipping world. It may not be the most obvious option. But the platform is well thought out and easy to use it’s also mostly free to private buyers. We have also written a guide on how to sell vans on the site – Flipping vans and light commercials on Gumtree.