The easiest way to make a car promotional video

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The easiest way to make a car promotional video. I have been making promotional videos for cars since 2013. It hasn’t aways been an easy process trying to make a professional looking video using a smartphone or DSLR . What I really wanted was a way of making instant easily sharable video content, that I could make in minutes not hours. I found that with the Osmo Pocket.

You car make tradition videos with the Pocket and with practise it can produce very high quality footage. But when DJI debuted the Osmo Pocket in November 2018. It introduced something called story mode, an amazing feature that allows you to create cinematic short films with almost no video making or editing experience.

Story mode uses a combination of preset shooting patterns, camera motions and soundtracks to help you create professional quality video in minutes. It automatically syncs music and edits video clips for you. You can then simply save the video to you phone and post it directly to social media or froward it to a potential client.

Sample video

I made this sample video in a matter of minutes and simply uploaded from the app to Youtube.

How to use story mode

  1. Turn the Osmo Pocket on and connect it to your smartphone, and the DJI Mimo app will automatically launch.
  2. ​Slide the shooting modes and select Story mode.
  3. Check out the demo video on the left to see specific shooting details and choose the appropriate mode for the car.
  4. Once you have selected the story mode template, you will see each template consists of several clips. This allows you to take various video clips of the car.
  5.   Tap the Record button to start shooting them one by one. After recording, you can quickly preview or delete the clips, and reshoot if necessary.
  6. After shooting, a video will be automatically generated in the app. Then you can save it to your phone’s photo album and it’s ready to share.

Other features, modes and uses

The Osmo Pocket also records 1080p and 4K video at up to 60fps, it can also capture 12MP photos. Standard stabilised video and photos are just two of the options here. The Pocket can also shoot time and motion lapse, slow motion, panoramas and it also has a face tracking mode. These features may be useful if you want to add B-roll to your videos or you are interested in vlogging. I have also found the battery life to be excellent. 


There are lots of cool accessories available for the Pocket. High-quality magnetic ND filters make a huge difference when shooting in bright light. You can also connect an external 3.5mm microphone, using an adaptor. Possibly the coolest accessory is the spin-to-open charging case. It’s also possible to buy an adapter to connect to Gopro mounts, allowing you to easily mount the Pocket on to a car clamp. Finally you will also require a micro SD card that allows you to film in 4K.


DJI Osmo Pocket is the easiest way to record stabilised 4K video car videos without having to carry around a gimbal for your smart phone or DSLR. The Osmo Pocket is reasonably inexpensive and the story mode lets you make professional videos with almost no practise.

​This can give you the edge over the competition and make your car standout from the crowed. So if you are looking for an easy way to get into making car videos to forward to a client or for instagram stories and Facebook, then the Osmo Pocket makes things super easy.

We purchased ours from Amazon and you can find the latest price here.

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