How do car dealers and flippers make money?

The vast majority of car flippers have a full time job, and simply flip cars as a hobby or on the side. Flipping cars as a side hustle can be very profitable if done correctly. I have seen flippers make tens of thousands of pound extra a year while still holding down full time job. … Read more

What are the best family cars to flip under £5000?

While SUVs and MPVs sales have boomed in recent years, a large number of families are still driving around in hatchbacks from such makes as the Ford, Volkswagen and Vauxhall. The used family hatchback market is still a busy one and shouldn’t be ignored. Our advice would be to start small and focus on smaller more affordable cars with low running and … Read more

The best city cars to flip over £5000

While we recommend flipping cars in the two to three thousand pounds range. You can make good money moving slightly upmarket. You just need to be aware of the competition form both small used and franchised dealers. Also depreciation becomes a factor, meaning you need to move cars on faster. But lots of small cars at these price points have some warranty remaining and … Read more

The 12 best cars to flip for a profit

What are the best cheap cars to buy when you’re looking to make a quick profit? With tons to choose from we pick out our top 12 and offer some general advice on what you should be looking for in car your looking to make a profit on. When you are just starting out flipping cars it can … Read more